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The Beast of Christmas Past…

… It is back and hiding in the corner of a gym near you…!

The holiday challenge is upon us again. Row 100,000 meters between Thanksgiving and midnight Christmas eve and Concept2 will donate money to a charity that you can chose from a list they provide. You must row a minimum of 100,000meters. It’s not as daunting as it sounds. You will be surprised at how quickly you progress with consistency and frequency. Work to an average of 5,000meters/day. Register for free at Concept2.com and start logging your meters. Logging your workout is a good way to monitor progress and stay motivated. Every single gym has at least 2 of these beasts resting unchallenged side by side! Go on! Take it on! Start rowing and logging your meters in the free log. Watch and see how you measure up against your age/gender peer groups.

Before you venture towards this creature, it’s important to exercise good form to get the most out of this species of equipment. Get a trainer to review your form and tell them of any muscular-skeletal issues so they can best advise you and keep you injury free.

Start out by building your endurance by rowing 1000m and gradually build on the distance you row… Row 2-3 x per week. Rowing sprints of 300-500 meters between weight-training exercises is a good way of keeping your heart rate up. Logging those sprints will help accumulate those meters towards your 100kms and improve your performance. You will activate those fast-twitch muscle fibers which will help increase performance over any distance. The neuro-muscular learning that takes place during sprint training will rollover into anything else you do that involves fast-paced movement using the same muscles.

The benefits of using the rower on a regular basis is that it has several components all rolled into one: Core strength and development; improved cardiovascular fitness; development of upper and lower body strength, and toning. The regular exercise will help maintain a healthy body weight and assist with weight-loss goals.

Slay the Beast!

Taming the beast!

Taming the Beast


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