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Fitness Isn’t an Overnight Sensation

Gina Kolata’s article, Fitness Isn’t an Overnight Sensation in the January 20 edition of the New York Times outlines what it really takes to lose weight and keep it off.

There are no quick fixes as promised by infomercials selling the latest gads and fads. What is necessary for success in weight-loss or any other health and fitness goal is commitment, consistency, patience and above all, lifestyle change. These three things are the hardest concepts to convey to clients who want unrealistic results. Unfortunately, the people with the highest expectations tend to be those that are less likely to reach their goals.

The article cites an interesting six week study that seems to demonstrate how people’s body image improves once they begin an exercise regimen. Subjects in the exercise group rated their overall appearance higher at the end of the six weeks study even though they showed no physical change. Improved body image serves to aid motivation and exercise adherence necessary for changes in physical appearance. It is also important to realize the physiological changes that lead to improvements in fitness do take place fairly quickly and lead to overall improved health despite physical appearance remaining the same.


2 Responses

  1. Getting clients to buy in to being patient and continuing to work their program is the hardest thing. Immediate gratification is what got them stuck and will make them quit if they don’t change their thinking.

    It took me nine months of going consistently to feel it was a part of my lifestyle and did question “if” i was going to the gym, but “when” I was going to the gym.

    • Thanks for your feedback

      Absolutely, one of the hardest things for people is exercise adherence. People want instant gratification because that is what is marketed to them. It makes our jobs as trainers even more challenging.

      It is up to us to educate clients and turn that thinking around to the fact that its changes in lifestyle that lead to the results that they are looking for.

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